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Dear diary,

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Open lockers | Tori, Stacy & Jeremy


Jeremy’s mind was ticking over what they were doing, when he took the initiative to go out he was not aware it was to go and vandalize some peoples lockers. Wait, had Stacy just mentioned Ethan? Jeremy kept quiet for a moment, he had a few choices here. He could either be the good little person he had always been and not do this and probably have these two never talk to him again, or he could do this thing and hopefully try and forget it all later and maybe gain some friends. It seemed so easy the choice.

Jeremy took the can and mask off Tori and slipped it on in silence. If he was going to do this he knew exactly whos locker he was going to go for. Nathans. It would be sweet, he smirked behind his mask at the thought. Looking at the two girls with gleaming eyes, he was feeling this idea now, really feeling it. “Yeah, who are you thinking of?” He asked, his voice as soft as ever as he looked over at Tori.

A smirk formed on Victoria’s lips as they both grasped the two masks left. Putting her own mask on, Tori shot a quick glance at Stacy and then at Jeremy “Let’s teach a lesson to those who underestimate us. Here,” she said while handing ten hairpins to Stacy and another ten to Jeremy “I think these can open pretty much everything around here” Tori opened the plastic bag that contained hair sprays and gloves “Take the gloves and after putting them on, pick the color you want” there were black, green, pink, blue, grey, purple and red color sprays and all of them had enough paint for at least eight lockers. hearing Jeremy’s voice, Tori looked up and answered to his question that sure was a good one “Mm, and ruin the surprise?!” she murmured playfully.

Lately everyone had been hitting Tori’s nerve, she could hear her name resounding in everybody’s mouth, it seemed like there was nothing new to talk about and that was driving Tori insane. She likes the attention but gossip has always been her favorite subject at school. Stepping forwards to her locker, Tori took the pink color spray out of the bag and drew something random and doing the same thing on Stacy’s and Jeremy’s locker so that way nobody would think they were the ones who vandalized the school “Don’t worry, these are washable” she turned around to the brunette and blonde and shrank her shoulders.

Open lockers | Tori, Stacy & Jeremy


Jeremy was rummaging through his wardrobe in an endless search that resulted in clothes flying all around his room, this was probably the first time he had been out really forever. He had been out before for stupid family things but he could honestly never remember a time he had truly gone out with people his own age before. He was determined to make a good impression even if his gut told him they would end up hating him by the end of the night. He finally found the good shirt he had been searching for and slipped it on.

He heard a gentle buzzing, he jumped over to the bed and read the message on the bright screen. He smiled a little at the message, they hadn’t called him by his name but at least it seemed they were really making an effort of some kind here. That counted for something. When Jeremy heard a car pull up outside he grabbed his jacket and house keys, pegging it down the stairs.

“I’m going out!” he called, he could see his Dad popping his head out the window for a nosy, he must have heard the car too. Before his Dad could comment on him leaving or who he was leaving with he quickly bolted out of the door. A quick walk down the path and he was opening the car door that Stacy and her friend Tori were in and sliding into the back seat. He made a small smile appear on his lips. “Hey.” He said softly, with another smile.

Tori took a full glance at the plastic bag Stacy was holding and smiled noticing how many hairpins there were before turning her eyes back to the road “Perfect” she commented while putting her hands back on the steering wheel. Tori and Stacy kept sharing the news and gossip on the new kids at school. Surprisingly this year it seemed like everybody had decided to move to Summergate. Following Stacy’s directions to one of the new kids’ house, Tori drove all her attention to the road since she had never really been to that street before. She noticed the blonde holding her phone and texting, probably the guy they were about to pick up. 

Arriving to the address, Tori honked so Jeremy would know they had arrived. “I seriously need to break this radio…” she murmured, rolling her eyes and waiting until Stacy made a sign to the blue eyed brunette. Once he got inside, Tori turned the car on ready to drive “So you’re the new kid? You’re cute” she said rising an eyebrow surprised. Usually new people wouldn’t be attractive in any way possible, that was Summergate after all! Tori didn’t waste time doing introducing since everybody knew she was.

Fifteen minutes later, they were already parking the somewhere near the school. She opened the door and made her way to the back of the car and opened the trunk where they could find a few hairpins, color sprays, three black masks and three flashlights. “Here” Tori whispered, handing each one a flashlight and a mask “Make sure you never take these off”. Grabbing the hairpins and the color sprays, they walked slowly and silently and went inside the school. “Now, which lockers do you wanna open?” she asked, staring at Stacy and Jeremy.

Why hello citizens


My name be Victoria, and I be the queen bee of this school.

I am also available to any guy because I am one cheap motherfucker.

Over and out babes.

Well, isn’t your life just interesting?

Open lockers | Tori, Stacy & Jeremy

Getting out of shower, Tori picked the biggest towel out from the cupboard and wrapped herself in it and then going back to pick up the smallest towel for her perfect brown and heavy hair. Once she closed the cupboard under the bathroom’s washbain, Tori walked slowly towards her room, feeling a bit dizzy. She grabbed her cell phone that was placed on the tip of her bed, almost falling out, and took two glances at the time. 7:23PM. Suddenly, every went blank, she could only see a bright white light and with that, Tori fell on the floor with her cell phone on her right hand. Two minutes later, she woke up to find herself lying on the floor. She turned her head to see what she was hold on to when she realized two minutes had passed by. “What the fuck?” she murmured, raising up her hand towards her forehead. Tori’s doctor told her that she could feel a bit dizzy after the miscarriage, but she didn’t want to fall on the floor and just lie there for minutes. What if it happened at school?, she thought and quickly shook her head to make it go away.

Tori opened her closet and grasped for her clothes for tonight: sleek black jeans, her white blouse and her green blazer. In just a few minutes, she was already dressed up with her make up on and hair dried. Grabbing her purse, Tori threw her phone inside and went downstairs, to find her mom and dad asleep on the couch. “Thank you dad” she whispered to herself while holding her father’s car keys. She had done it a million times and yet he had only noticed once only because he woke up with the sound of the garage door closing extremely loud when she arrived wasted from a club. Tori made her way towards the car and got inside, driving to Stacy’s house. “Ugh, great taste in music, dad!” she said sarcastically, knowing no one would listen to her since there was no one with her. Ten minutes after listening to the most annoying radio station she could find, Tori had finally arrived at Stacy’s. She parked the car infront of her house and grabbed her cell phone out of her purse to send a text to the blondie.

To Stacy:

I’m outside, come on in. Dad’s car. x


Sent at 8:46 pm, Thursday - 06/14/2012

After waiting awhile, she could finally see Stacy’s gorgeous blonde hair walking out of her house, making Tori turn on the car. “Hey! How’re you? Did you bring the hairpins?” she asked the girl while waiting for her to close the car door.

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pstacypjeremyopen lockers


Oh, hes really not my type.

and sure thing 

See you soon then. Also, bring some hairpins or something to open the lockers.

So what are people talking about me this time?

Other than the usual.

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Nothing on the rumors but I think I found out who the guy was from the party, Ethan Grant? I kinda recognise him.. I think.

and sure thing. pick me up later? 

Ethan Grant is kinda cute. It seems like you’ve good taste when you’re drunk.

Hm, sure. 8:45PM, is that fine?

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para? :)


toriwalters replied to your post:  

uh me too. let’s go invade School’s property ;)

what do you have in mind Tor? I already left school early today and you are dragging me back. Lissa needs to show her face soon.

At night, when nobody’s there. Maybe open a few lockers…

By the way, did you get anything from the party rumors yet?

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